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Whether she’s stepping off a plane after a 10-hour flight, or simply grabbing lunch after an invigorating Pilates class, Taylor Swift manages to look flawless despite the circumstances. Her fashion style merges chic with unique. She continuously sports outfits that radiate cuteness and charisma, a true reflection of her bubbly and youthful spirit. At the same time, she cleverly accentuates her ensembles with just the right amount of accessories and coordinating makeup, giving her a striking head-to-toe look. Aside from trendy, her style is contagious. The posh superstar continues to rock outfits that are both festive and wearable; simple enough to mimic, but eccentric enough to stand out as a shining star.

Speaking of wearable outfits, we loved T-Swift’s award show look so much we couldn’t resist recreating it ourselves! The superstar shimmered beneath the spotlight wearing an orange-salmony colored bandeau top and a fuchsia skirt with a hip-high slit. Complete with comfy silver sandals and simple accessories, Swift’s look was timeless, classic, and easy to refashion with a few tweaks!

Lucky for you, looking like a celeb can be more effortless and budget-friendly than you think! Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve mixed and matched similar wardrobe apparel to let you pull off her look at a fraction of the price.

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Tinseltown /

Crop Top

Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less1

So versatile and cute, this comfy crop top features a scoop neck and capped sleeves. Its soft and stretchy material makes it perfect for flaunting off a sexy silhouette! As a plus, you can choose from a rainbow of colors with this affordable top, so finding the right shade to match the rest of your ensemble is a cinch! Although it matches adorably with a skirt, (similar to Taylor’s) this scoopneck tee also pairs perfectly your favorite pair of high waisted pants!

Slimming Skirt

Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less2

Glamorous meets comfy with this wardrobe staple, which comes with a high-rise elastic waistband that fits snuggly around your waist. This maxi skirt also features chiffron material, giving it a flirty, floaty texture that drapes off the hips beautifully. It’s loose and tight in just the right areas, giving it a slimming effect guarenteed certain to turn some heads. Whether you’re at the grocery store or a cocktail party, this lovely skirt is perfect for any occasion! Grab your skirt while they last.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less3

Add some glitz and glam to a casual “jeans and a t-shirt” outfit, or spruce up an already-fabulous ensemble with this silver dress sandal! Made with satiny, faux leather material and accentuated with a few sparkly rhinestones, these comfy shoes add a cute, girly finish to any outfit! Their delicate design and adjustable ankle straps make them super wearable- perfect for grabbing coffee with friends or going on a date! Get you ankle-strap sandals here.


Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less4

Whether you want to admit it or not, chokers are definitely back in style and trending more than ever! Sure, the thought of chokers might bring back less-than-favorable middle school memories. But with the right jewelry options, you can turn an ordinary outfit from simple to striking in a matter of seconds. And what better way to channel the ‘90s staple than with this rhinestone, choker-inspired necklace! Lovely and versatile, this sparkly accessory also functions as a bracelet, anklet, or ring. Get your three-in-one choker here.


Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less5

This stylish piece of jewelry gives ring-lovers everywhere a reason to rejoice! With its punk crown design and stainless steel material, the ring radiates a combo of sassy and sweet. Bold and shiny, this piece of jewelry certainly makes a statement, while adding a confident finish to any outfit. Thanks to its anti-fade material, you don’t have to worry about this ring losing its shimmer! Besides continuing to shine bright in public, the foolproof piece of jewelry is nickel free and anti-allergenic. Thanks for the inspiration, Tay!
Here’s your stunning never fade ring.


Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less8

If you want to recreate T-swift’s bold, yet elegant makeup look, start with the lip gloss! And Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer will undoubtedly do the trick! With its bouncy, lightweight color and lovely lacquer shine, this gloss is a no-brainer when you’re going for sexy lips. The brush applicator makes this formula easy to apply. Meanwhile, the weightless gloss has a sultry, strawberry pink shade that’ll make lips pop, without any stickiness or discomfort. Silky smooth and comfortable, this gloss adds a flattering finish to any look! The Strawberry Topaz Lip Lacquer pairs perfectly with the ensemble.

Sandy Nail Polish

Get Taylor Swift's Look for Less7

Classy and chic, this nail polish was voted Best Nail Polish in Seventeen magazine’s Best Beauty Awards. Its soft, sandy shade makes this polish seriously seductive. Meanwhile, its nude color and pastel undertones go with virtually any outfit, so you don’t have to worry about matching your nails with your wardrobe! The polish itself coats on evenly and dries quickly, leaving you with a clean, crack-proof manicure you’ll love to show off! Style for less with this award winning nail polish.

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