Four Must Have Tools For Manicures & Pedicures

Whether creating a gel manicure, a half moon manicure, or a quick and easy DIY manicure at home, you should always start with the base: the nail itself! In order to achieve the ideal manicure and pedicure, you need your favorite nail care tools.

We’ve compiled a cheat sheet of essential tools in the game to help you pull off that new design with ease.

Below are our favorite four tools needed for manicures and pedicures:

1. Metal Nail File
Using a metal file instead of a cardboard one won’t fray nails and is easier to clean. No matter the shape you’re going for, a metal file is the best tool for optimal results.

2. Buffer Block
These scratchy tools can help even the roughest of nails. They smooth, add luster, and create shine on bare nails at a moment’s notice.

3. Cuticle Cutter
Cut ties with all that extra baggage! This handy tool takes the pain out of removing hangnails and possesses a tilted blade so you never accidentally over-cut.

4. Pusher
Very underrated in the world of manis and pedis, this tool is a vital part of all pampering. It pushes the cuticle back while evening it out and can also be used to clear debris from underneath nails.

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