Dev Tools Pro v6.9.1- Cracked APK Latest Version (2023)

Dev Tools Pro Crack

Dev Tools Pro v6.9.1- Cracked APK Latest Version 2023 Paid Free Download {Updated}

Dev Tools Pro v6.9.1-  Crack is a powerful, productive, automation, and essential Android development assistant, it can improve your development productivity. It can be used to decompile another application, view detailed information on the design of another application, view the color of the screen (color sampler or dropper), view the latest open source projects, view activity history, view the manifest of any app, view recently used or installed apps, extract apk more or less, debug apps, view phone hardware and software-related information, etc. more features will be added later. This part of the function is to solve the cumbersome operation of the development exploit through the automated way, if you are tired of the cumbersome operation of the developer option too, then this tool is for you.

Dev Tools Pro Crack

Easily decompile Viewapp java file, resources, and other Viewapp files, support shared files Application Design Inspector Tool View or export design or view information from other applications, can display view id, the height of width, the main and secondary view, the coordinate of the view. See screen color Similar to the color sampler or eyedropper tool, you can easily view or copy color and coordinate any other application, and more ARGB and CMYK See the latest open source projects daily One source project well-selected daily android open. View activity history View application name, package name, title, icon, start time of open activity, also includes current activity, main activity open support in small window mode.

Dev Tools Pro v6.9.1- Cracked APK Latest Version

View the manifest of any application, find any content in the manifest, save the manifest to the SD card in text, or HTML. Application Management – View Application Information You can easily manage them. View installed apps, recently used apps, recently installed apps in grid mode. See the app package name, version, uid, apk directory, dir, data directory, first install, and last update time, component info, etc. Extract apk more or less from applications Extract the source or apk file from any application. Open or close options in developer options quickly. What used to take seconds comes down to a click! includes show screen layout, debug GPU overdraft, show design updates, forced GPU rendering, show GPU view updates, show GPU protection, show pointer position, strict mode, no active activities, stay awake, service running.

If you need a different system development tool, this is not what you want, please don’t install it, thanks. Viewing system information quickly includes system version information, hardware information, display information, CPU information, virtual machine information, network-related information, device identification information. Opening other common features quickly include settings, system UI tuner, language change, developer options, my apps. Shortcuts: (1) You can add tool shortcuts to the desktop by long-pressing the tool icon; (2) You can add tools to the desktop; (3) You can launch the tool through the shortcut quickly in Android 7.1, long-pressing the application icon on the desktop; (4) You can add the tool to the notification bar using the quick settings tile in Android 7.0. For these shortcuts. You don’t need to open the app.

Dev Tools Pro Key

Main Features

Decompile other applications.

  • Easily view java files, resources and other application files, file-sharing support

Add the inspector design tool.

  • View or export layout and view information from other applications can show ID, width, height, parent and child views, show coordinates.

See the latest open source projects every day.

  • A well-chosen daily open-source project for Android.

View activity history.

  • Check the app name, package name, title, icon, start time of open activities, and also include current activities, main activities. Support open in small window mode.

View the manifests of any application.

  • View the manifests for any application, find any content in the manifest, save the manifests on the SD card in text, or HTML.

Application Management – View application information.

  • You can easily manage applications. See the app package name, version, uid, APK dir, dir, directory data, first install and last update, component info, etc.

Drag one or more applications from the application.

  • Drag any apk file or app source.

Quickly open or close options in developer options.

  • Original tens of seconds to reduce click operations. Including display layout, GPU extraction debugging, display layout updates, forced GPU rendering, display of GPU display updates, display of GPU rendering, pointer position display, strict mode, do not maintain activity, stay awake, run services.

What’s New

  • Optimizing the Activity History Tool
  • The main projection activity class for name application information tool pairs
  • Fix some bugs in the starch

How To Install?

  • Download the application from the following link
  • Install on your device
  • Done, enjoy!

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