7 Quick Every Day Workouts


Fast. Easy. Fully planned. Below you’ll find the perfect weekly workout list to get you in shape effortlessly. Don’t worry about complicated workout schedules cutting into your day! Our 7 Quick Everyday Workouts put your needs first. You can complete these reps in the time it takes you to check social media. Perform at your convenience. You can even start while reading this article! 😉

1. 4 Minute Fat Burning Tabata Workout
This tabata workout is fast paced and high energy. Kickstart your metabolism in four minutes as often as you want during the week.

2. Before Your Shower – Mini Morning Workout
What better way to start your day than a quick pick me up workout? Use this to set the tone any day of the week.

3. Afternoon Burn – 4 Minute Workout
Halfway through the day, you’re in need of a mood booster. Use this 4 minute workout to reset your day and keep the momentum going!

4. Get Fit Home Workout Challenge
What better way to guarantee a workout than doing it at home? This routine guarantees you a great workout as often as you want.

5. 6-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout You Can Do Anywhere
With this quick workout you can do anywhere, there’s never an excuse not to.

6. Couch Workout Challenge
We all sit on our couch at some point every day. Jump up and use this challenge to get moving!

7. Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout
Body weight exercises let us work anywhere we want and guarantee a challenging workout. Use this routine to get your heart racing and blood flowing.

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