13 Ways to Cut Out 500 Calories a Day

If you’ve ever dieted, you probably learned that 3500 calories make a pound. That means you’d have to cut a whopping 500 calories a day to burn a pound a week. The feat might sound difficult or even impossible (we’re talking to you, ice cream lovers!). But in reality, all it takes is some determination and a few ordinary changes to take on the challenge.

Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve collected a few tips and tricks to shave off 500 calories the healthy way. It takes some effort to turn these patterns into habits, but with enough perseverance, you’ll be waving those unwanted pounds goodbye in no time. Stop sulking and start skipping down the path toward a slimmer you!

1. Stand When You Can
We spend much of our day sitting. As much as we wish this sedentary position would blast calories, it doesn’t. Luckily, you’re provided more opportunities daily than you realize to swap sitting for standing. Shockingly enough, standing burns upwards of 120 calories an hour! Instead of lounging on the couch while chatting on the phone or waiting for a friend, get up and stand!

2. Limit Additives
Sure, half & half might give your coffee that creamy kick. A dollop of Ranch dressing might actually make eating vegetables exciting. But that rich, milky taste from creamy coffee flavorings and salad dressings packs on calories! Substitute almond milk for whole milk or heavy cream in your coffee. Opt for mindful salad toppings rather than traditional high-calorie dressings. Mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil and garlic for a super nutritious option, or check out one of these dressing recipes! These smart swaps will add up and cut calories.

Clean Eating Ceasar Dressing
11 Healthy and Delicious Salad Dressing Recipes

3. Serve, then Step Away
The layout of family-style meals invites people to pile their plates with seconds and thirds without listening to their bodies. It’s easy to overeat in a social atmosphere with friends and family. The very presence of enticing food on the table will only encourage this further. You can cut hundreds of calories a day by stepping away from serving dishes after filling your plate. The habit will clue you into how you’re really feeling, and lead to mindful eating.

4. With Plates, Size Matters
Restocking your cabinets with smaller plates and packages is a painless way to shave 500 calories a day. You’ll pile them up with less food and, consequently, fewer calories. Research indicates that when people are exposed to larger-sized portions, they eat more. Using smaller dishes, bowls, and containers could have you consuming 25% less food each meal without even realizing it. So dig up smaller dishware and drop your daily calorie count!

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