10 Best Ab Attack Moves

There are hundreds of abdominal moves you can do. From bodyweight moves like planks to kneeling crunches requiring cables, there are ab exercises for people of all levels. Below are 10 of the best ab attack moves to give you a strong, tight core that will look and feel great.

Follow the videos to learn how to perform each move. When working your abs, it’s important to maintain proper form. This will keep you injury-free and in top shape.

If you’re ready for six-pack abs, check out 10 Best Ab Attack Moves!

1. Jackknife Crunch

2. Reverse Crunch

3. Plank


4. Spider Crawl

5. Wood Choppers

6. Side Bend with Dumbbells

7. Russian Twist with Weights

8. Hanging Leg Raise

9. Exercise Ball Pull In

10. Cable Crunch

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